Erectile dysfunction-some neurological causes

I thought I would discuss some neurological causes of erectile dysfunction and decreased libido. There are many neurological diseases which are associated with erectile dysfunction and may also result in decreased libido. One of the most common is diabetic autonomic neuropathy. Diabetic patients especially those who have autonomic neuropathy (dysautonomia) frequently have erectile dyfunction. Supprisingly many do not volunteer this information, unless their doctor asks about it. They may complain of other symptoms of neuropathy like pain and numbess in their hands and feet but may not volunteer the history that they are having erectile dysfunction. Many patients do not realize that their erectile problems are a part and parcel of their uncontrolled diabetes.

Erectile problems and decrease libido is also frequently seen in patients who have multiple sclerosis. Fortunately this aspect of MS is now been given increasing recognition by doctors and a discussion is initiated with the patient at some stage of their treatment. Women with MS may have complaints of decreased vaginal lubrication, loss of vaginal muscle tone and diminished clitoral engorgement.
All this can lead to a decrease or loss of sex drive. Decreased or unpleasant genital sensations may lead to a diminished capacity for orgasm. Men with MS experience  erectile dysfunction and a decrease in or loss of ejaculatory force or frequency.

Erectile dysfunction and sexual difficulties are also a part and parcel of certain neurodegenerative conditions like multi system atrophy especially a syndrome called Shy Drager Syndrome in which autonomic failure is prominent. Parkinsons disease and patients with degenerative dementias may also have some of these problems. In these patients the cause is usually multifactorial.

Patients with epilepsy also frequently have sexual dysfunction. Again the causes are multifactorial but one important reversible cause is drug side-effects. Some anti-epileptic drugs and antidepressants frequently cause sexual dysfunction as a side-effect.

The good news is that sexual dysfunction is now more readily recognized as a part and parcel of certain neurological disorders. Neurologists are nowdays more adept in asking patients about it. It is important that patients volunteer information if they are experiencing sexual dysfunction as many of the causes are treatable. Drugs with sexual dysfunction as a side-effect can be stopped and replaced with other drugs. Also some of the symptoms can be ameriolated by using medications like sildenafil (Viagra).

Personal Regards,

Nitin Sethi, MD

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