MRI white matter abnormalities

This is to Nancy

Dear Nancy, thank you for your comment to the post on white matter abnormalities on MRI does it represent MS? While it is hard for me to comment on your case specifically, the MRI report reads suspicious for MS. The reason is the lesions are periventricular (around the ventricles of the brain) and such lesions are at times more specific for MS.

I would though correlate this information with your age, your symptoms and importantly your history and clinical examination findings. If there is suspicion for MS from your history or clinical findings, then I would recommend doing further tests to either rule in or rule out the diagnosis of MS. Tests like spinal fluid examination, visual evoked potential and somatosensory evoked potential. As I stated earlier one can see these white matter lesions in patients who have vascular risk factors like hypertension and diabetes mellitus. I am not sure whether the drug you mentioned for RA has been implicated in causing them. You should follow up with your doctor, who would guide you in how to interpret these MRI findings.

Please refer to the MS articles on my website for further information. Feel free to drop me an email if you have any further questions. I wish you my very best.

Personal Regards,

Nitin Sethi, MD