Bell’s Palsy-what to expect- a question and an answer


varad Submitted on 2013/10/05 at 3:29 pm | In reply to braindiseases.

I’ve been diagnosed with bells palsy and its been around 2 and a half months. Recovery is very slow and at the moment I’m undergoing homeopathic treatment. Kindly advice that what shall I do for fast recovery



Submitted on 2013/10/08 at 1:28 pm | In reply to varad.

Dear Varad,
recovery from Bell’s Palsy at times is slow but in most instances near full recovery takes place. So these are a few things you can do to speed recovery:
EXERCISE YOUR FACIAL MUSCLES: stand in front of the mirror and exercise all your facial muscles-the one that makes you smile, the one that makes you frown, the one which makes you purse your lips and whistle, the one that makes you close your eyes tight shut. You can look up some of these exercises on the Internet and start doing them 3-4 times a day.
–to my knowledge and in my experience-massaging the face with oil does not help or speed up recovery. Likely it does not hamper recovery in any way also.
–eat a healthy diet.
–if you drink or smoke, I would advise you to stop smoking and drinking alcohol as that hampers recovery of facial nerve function.

–supplement your diet with 2 tabs of a good multivitamin every day.

–I am not aware of any homeopathic treatment especially for Bell’s palsy but then my knowledge of homeopathy is limited.

Remain in follow up with your doctor/ neurologist.

I wish you good luck and hope you make a speedy recovery.

Nitin K Sethi, MD

One thought on “Bell’s Palsy-what to expect- a question and an answer

  1. one of my friend’s mri scan is showing that, on his brain few chronic ischemic foci in frontal white matter. his doctor said 6 months he have to take tablet.
    i want to know : 1. what is the reason of it.2. it will cure after six months.

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