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This blog is my own endeavor and project. Though I work in New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Weill Cornell Medical Center, New York, the blog is in no way connected to the hospital.

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Please realize that health information is a personal and private subject matter. While I want you to be comfortable when you visit my blog and post comments, I cannot control what you put on it. I try to read every comment and remove all identification data such as full name, telephone and email addresses. You though have a choice and that is not to provide sensitive medical information. By posting health information on the blog you assume full responsibility and agree that I am neither responsible nor liable for any claim, loss or damage resulting from its use. 



Nitin K Sethi, MD

3 thoughts on “Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

  1. hi,i’am 51 had headachs for at least two weeks,went to primary had an mri done showed white brain matter! i also along with headachs am a dietbetic have hypertension,stenosis in spine and hip if that matter. many other health issues. was told that older people get it and that was that! although i do have a great dr. i feel that there is more i should do and more i should know. can you you please help me to just ease my mind or what i should do from here?thank you for your time! paiently waiting for any comment you may have for me! thank you!

  2. Dear Sir,
    I am an Egyptian who suffers from Complex Partial Epilepsy from more than 3 years,
    i tried many medicines with increasing their doses & still the seizures happens weekly,
    the first medicine i used is depakine & then i added tegratol & still seizures happens.
    then i withdraw tergratol & then used keppra behind depakine & still happens.
    then i added lamictal & also happens.
    then i added tergartal with depakine & lamictal & keppra & increased the seizures.
    so, i withdraw the tegratol & it some how decreases seizures to be between 7-10 days happens
    my daily dosage now
    Depakine =2000
    lamictal = 300
    My seizures Happens as follow:
    i feel my breath become low for 1 or 2 seconds & then i go to seizures i stopped for 1 minutes shewing my mouth,and after
    i began asking about time , where i am , where we will go,who is here,……
    then i began asking normal questions & you can say that the person in front of me feel i am semi normal
    then i be in awareness slowly & after seizures i cannot identify when i be in aware.
    but after attack i feel that i was in seizure
    the time is about between 1-3 minutes.
    something happened for me before that i was driving my car to airport then seizure happened, i drive my car for one kilo & i passed a check point & then i found my self in front of the terminal
    i make MRI & the doctor my right & left temporal lobe are not in the same size

  3. Would you mind if I emailed you a question, along with some background/medical information, to get your opinion? I am looking to get as many opinions ad I can from M.D s

    My email is mamadobble@gmail.com if needed.
    I fully agree to your disclaimer and privacy policy.

    Thank you in advance,

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