Brain diseases blog: it is up and running again

To the readers of my blog and my website ( thank you for your continued support and positive feedback as well as constructive criticism.  I apologize for my delay in replying to your questions. No good excuse apart from that I was really busy the last few months. The blog though is now up and running and I shall be answering all your questions as well writing a few new posts.

Personal Regards,

Nitin Sethi, MD

3 thoughts on “Brain diseases blog: it is up and running again

  1. Hello Dr. Sethi,
    I’m so glad you decided to start posting again.
    I have a question which is really concerning me now – I have had pain on the back, left-hand side of my head near the base of my skull, off and on, for several months now, as well as tinnutis in both ears (which I attributed to my one year old baby, she makes my husbands ears ring sometimes too). I have recently been diagnosed with a middle ear infection in my left ear that had spread to my throat which the doctor thinks may have been in place since I feel into a lake from a kayak in July. I haven’t had any fever and only mild ear pain but I’ve had moderate dizziness and alot of disorientation/confusion for over a week now. I’ve been on Keflex (500 mg, 4 times per day) for 6 days with no improvement in the dizziness or neck/head pain. I’m frightened that the underlying head/neck pain is due to something more serious like a brain tumor as the pain has been present for months – my doctor says it isn’t and an MRI isn’t warranted. If you have any recommendations or advice for me I would sincerely appreciate your help.

    1. Dear Allie,
      thank you for writing in to me. It shall not be prudent of me to advice you since I have neither taken your history nor examined you in person. Otitis media (infection of the middle ear) can at times present with a sensation of fullness in the head. This is what I feel may be reasonable: complete the course of the antibiotics, maybe your doctor also prescribed a decongestant and then follow up with your physician. If your symptoms persist, he or she may re approach the diagnosis and consider ordering a neuroimaging study. I wish you my very best.

      Personal Regards,

      Nitin Sethi, MD

  2. hi my name is Kelly my son is 3 and he had a seizure on December 12, 2012 he has recently had a MRI and EEG his MRI showed scar tissue in his Hippacampus and swelling on the right side of his brain his EEG was abnormal as well and they said when the scar tissue hardens he will have focal seizures for the rest of his life so what i am asking is what is causing the swelling and are focal seizures dangerous.

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