Please do read the disclaimer I have posted on my blog. Also to all my readers, if you do decide to write in to me or to post on this blog–do so but remove all identification features. Remember medical information is private and should remain private.

2 thoughts on “Disclaimer

  1. I was diagnosed with abnormal pituitary function, polyuria and have multiple autoimmune diseases(Sarcoidosis is one of them> Had MRI done by local hospital and report said”May have small amount of pituitary tissue attached to the left internal carotid artery.” Now I have multiple endocrine problems,thyroid,adrenals and lost my period at 39 unlike my mother who has none of these problems and lost her period at 57. Nothing else on the MRI was suspect. It is now a year later and my symptoms have gotten worse, vision, headaches, profuse sweating and heat intolerance to name a few. So going back to the last MRI..is it normal to have pituitary tissue adjacent to left internal carotid artery? My guess is NO! And with that shouldn’t the radiologist or doctor have said since we are not clear on this even with and without contrast it should be repeated?????!!!!!!

  2. Hello,

    Thank you so much for making this blog available! A few months ago my 12 year old sister started complaining about having really bad headaches throughout the day. Her doctor instructed her to take over the counter pain relievers. Shortly after that she began bleeding from her ears, eyes and nose. We took her to the doctor and got a referral to an ENT who found nothing wrong with her and could not find where the bleeding was coming from. Last month (1/18/2012) she was taking longer than usual in the bathroom, I went in to check on her and found her having a seizure and bleeding from her ears and nose, the night prior to this she was bleeding from her ears (the blood was very thick). I immediately called 911 and the seizure lasted for about thirty minutes. She was kept in the ICU for about three days where numerous tests were run but nothing abnormal was found so she was released. Despite the fact that my family and I explained the bleeding she’s been having and the headache’s the doctors said they had never head of anything like what we were describing and questioned whether or not what we were seeing is real. We were hoping everything was going to be fine until this past Thursday night (2/23/2012) when once again she began to bleed from her ears, we watched her closely throughout the night and planned on going to the doctor but the next day (2/24/2012) she mentioned that she felt light headed and not her self, within two or three minutes of saying this she fell to the ground, where she lay still and unresponsive for a minute or two and then began convulsing and jerking around violently, she then went limp and quit breathing for several minutes, she was unresponsive and I immediately called 911. This seizure lasted for about 25-30 minutes. The doctor in the ER said he was hesitant to call it a seizure for the simple fact that it lasted so long. They ran tests, stabilized her and released her the same night with a prescription (Keppra, 500 mg, twice a day). We have been watching her very closely and she was fine for a day but on Sunday (02/26/2012) her ears began to bleed again, within about 5 minutes of her ears bleeding she mentioned that she felt light headed and nauseous, we had her lay down, her last words were that she felt scared. She then went blank, became unresponsive, quit breathing, and after about two minutes of this began convulsing, 911 was called and the seizure lasted a good 25 minutes. The ER doctor has no idea what’s wrong with her she was stabilized and sent home. When we informed him about her bleeding from her ears he told us that he has never heard of anything like that before. She is scheduled to see a neurologist again but the soonest appointment we can get is about three weeks away. Aside from the Keppra, we have no idea what to do or what we are dealing with. The only advice the ER doctor gave us was to call 911 if the seizure lasts more than three minutes. I have tried researching and have come up with nothing, the only possible explanation I have come across is status epileptics but this is based solely on the fact that her seizures last so long. She has been give drugs for epilepsy but from what I understand epilepsy is unprovoked seizures, given the fact that she bleeds from her ears before each seizure makes me suspect that there is something going on that is causing her seizures, but then again I am a 19 year old girl not a doctor. I live my days in suspense and my nights in absolute fear for what might happen to my sister. Her seizures are terrifying and not knowing what is wrong with her makes it even worse. My sister had febrile seizures as a little girl, this happened about three times but she was sick each time and running a very high fever, aside from this she has no history of seizures.

    I know this is long but thank you for reading any input or advice would be greatly appreciated,


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