More neurobics anyone?

Came with a few more neurobics which can be fun and at the same time healthy for the brain. Have fun with neurobics everyone!

1) run or walk backwards (be careful not to fall though please). I tried this myself. It is amazing how your brain is more active and conscious about the task of walking or runing backwards. Compare this with when you walk or run normally forwards, the task is nearly subconsciously attempted by the brain without even thinking about it.

2) use your left hand (if you are right handed) to answer your phone. If you use a mobile phone this has the added advantage of reducing the radiofrequecy exposure to the right side of the brain as nowdays there are some reports commenting on the increased risk of brain tumors in heavy mobile phone users.

3) learn a new language (I recommend this one).

4) hear a song and commit it to your memory. Now write down the lyrics on a piece of paper.

5)commit more things to your own memory rather than the memory of your palm-pilot. Buy a palm pilot with less memory and use it less too!!!

Personal Regards,

Nitin Sethi, MD


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